..bear with me..

so there's this task, that Im supposed to make you hate me for an occasion
here are a list of things what I did and what Im going to;

1.I made her hate me
2. I made her friends hate me, except for one :).
3. cannot contact her for another 18 days

it was damn hard la
I cant even believe that I can say those words to her,
I mean I love her too much, sooo much,
but for a silly event, Im willing to do anything?
sometimes it might sound wrong,
but now Im half way there,
and I dont want to back down.
let's just hope,
she still loves me, trust me, and wants me
and I pray that day to be da bomb!!

now Im doubting my actions,
is this right Mak?
I love her :).
no doubt about that.
and I hope she appreciates this :).

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