..happy day..

once upon a timeee,,,,
today is just soooooo wonderfull,,
tataw nak ckp ape daaa
no need for more words..
aq da gian blogging
i juz love you,,TODAYY
&& Yu tooo..

creds to mdm Hasni,,thnx coz let us use the comp lab,,
&&& kak CC



i hate days like today,,
they are sooo damn frustrating
im going to asrama
probably the last time til SPM
& then after that
it's over
after SPM im going to enjoy my days
i mean realy ENJOY...!
watch out SPM
im gonna get you,,
10 A1

i video called my sis last night,,
i miss her...!

creds to SPM..

..Absolutely Abusive..

no matter how deeply i want Yu
no matter how much i need Yu
no matter how much i pleed
no matter how much i cry
no matter how much i call & yearn for Yu
no matter how much i give
no matter how much i take
no matter ho0w much 'no matter's
i just know Yu wont answer
sorry caz bein so blindly in love..
im always gonna be there for Yu



i know it's kinda last season,,
but honestly,,
i think stripes are coooooooooooool
i take it as a trend now..

dont you think??

i bought a new black n white stripes t-shirt today
i think it looks FANCY
i already have an orange n grey striped FIT t-shirt
now im going for more STRIPES

!..yearning for the kiki lala look..!

!..come join..!

creds to kiki lala..


..three things today!..

firstly, apologies to Acap Iota
sorry Acap,,aq da delete da 'crap' aq yg tuh,
so kepada sesape yg da bace,,shhhhhhhhhhh
and i mean it,,
tade niat nak malukan ko pon..!

secondly,,i was on the phone with Mad Omega just now
this is how it tuned out;

me: olla Mad
me: da smayang Jumaat da??

Mad: da2
Mad: ko tuh yg macam kafir sikit
Mad: bodoh akhlak
Mad: haha

me: :p

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ conversation_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Mad: daripada ko call aq
Mad: baek ko call awek ko,,agaga

me: aq tade awek laaaaaaa (n seriously,NO,no more)
me: :p

Mad: hah
Mad: k ah tu..!hahaha
Mad: da lame aq tunggu ko topupkan aq

me: daripada ko tunggu aq,,baek ko tunggu Akhirat
me: :)

Mad: taley,, akhirat tade line,,tade coverage..!
Mad: lagi2 rumah ko tuh_NERAKA JAHANNAMMMMMM mane pakai telefonn
Mad: xmacam rumah aq_SYURGA FIRDAUS ade gak talian SIRAATUL MUSTAQIIIMMM
Mad: hahaha

..wat's that suppose to mean?..

thirdly,i didnt sleep last night,,
& today im turning into a zombee,,waaaargghhhhhhh

trust me,,ive realy tried;,
  • pasang lagu; heavy,emo,instrumental,soothing ect
  • bukak baju
  • n i even drank loads of milk..! Dutch Lady Strawberry 2 boxes
  • read boring books; Petronas In The Making, How to Lead, Sleeping For Dummies ect
still xdapat tido,,S.O.S
so yeah Mum & Dad,,
sepah2 sume,,I was responsible for it;
-kotak susu atas meja,buku Dad bersepah kat kerusi,baju merata-rata ect
but you guys still love meee....!

so,,berdasarkan peristiwa hari ni,,
ni nak tanye komen2 korang skett,,

korang rase aq nih jahat sangat ke??


should i get a gf??
creds to Mad n Acap


..Poland took my SISTER away..


:( damn you Poland,,

my sister,Asma Binti Azhan,,in case you wanna know,,
is going to Poland this afternoon,,
she is going to persue her studies in Medics to become a doctor,,
she's smartt,,i mean reeeeeeeeaally smartt,,

im happy for her,, butt at the same time ada sedikit kesayuan,,
im gonna miss her,,
she has been helping since i was born,,
the only one yg btol2 rapat dengan i,,
&actually understands me;;

i remebered when i was bullied by our maid time kecik2 dulu kat Sarawak
(we call her THE EVIL ROMIDAH)
my parents didnt know,,but my sister did,,
n she's always there to cheer me up,,
n sometimes,,die pown kene while trying to defend me,,

n now she has been listening to my probs everytime i need her,,
i know she was n is always gonna be there,,
so,im not even afraid to tell her my secrets,,
(even if sometimes she go on telling mum n dad)
we are the best twin ever,,
i need her n she also needs me:p
she understands me n also do understand her

i cant stop you from going can i??

i guess the best i could do is;
wish you well
ingat semayang :p
remember to look out for yourself
pentingkan diri sendiri(what am i saying?)
& always,,always remember
that i love you
n im always gonna be there like you were to me before
no worries
i can look out for myself too
n finally
thank you...!

have a safe trip,, study well,,
n dont worry,,im right behind you..!
GO..! make me proud,,
owh wait,,you already did..!

toodles sis..!
i am gonna miss you..

creds to asma binti azhan


..demam bin fever..

"hey,im sorry k??"
"really am.."
"shouldnt have said any of those to you,im realy sorry"

dats what i said on the phone,
except,there was no one on the line,
n i was talking to myself,
ive officially LOST IT

you know how fevers can make you crap out,,mengarot tahh ape2?
it happened to me this morning,,
semalam i demam n this morning i woke up mengigau,talking to YU on the phone
n i even thought that i was already married to YU

creds to my bro,acik



im freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

i gott 'escape from azkaban' 2 days earlier
n dat makes me smile like hell :)
sorry guys,,seeee ya laterz,,
sucks to be you guys,,

got lots of things to do,,
buat(eat) kueh raye,,beli(pakai) baju raye,,
hmm not much

this year's raye is not like it used to be,, mcm boring je,,
im sure y'all agreeeee right??
im getting too old(not really) for this,,

azam raye tahon nih;
*no mercun
*collect duet raye as much as possible,,yay


creds to home comp..



to those stuck in 'bor(d)ing' school,
get this,,

sucks to be you guys,BIG TIME,,
heeeeeeee:D (cant stop smiling)

classes today was a like hell,
dpt markah chemist &&& it was terok..!
byk simple errors,, but what to do?

speakin bout simple errors..trigt kat satu kesah nih,;

it all started dkt2 raye last year,,while me && my so called 'bros for life' were playing 'mercun',,
one of us (syafiq,my cuzzie),,did something stupid

he lit up mercun bola & thought it was smoke bomb..
pointing his butt towards the litt mercun, the 'smoke bomb' exploded,,
kluar surat khabar;

non where injured xcept a kid, 15,
he was said to have injured(his morality),
his blood(shame) level increased as his bros laughed at him,
causing complete hurt(humiliation),
his life almost ended as the police(mom) caught him red handed with weapons(mercun)

ye lah,,bygkan sluar koyak kat bontot
n bau hangus at the butt,wat else would you do??


thanx to him, we end up cleaning the house for raya

so this is a reminder,
never get caught, n bros for life never ever & never will exsist


cred to me..!


..raye da dekatt..

oit2 raye da dekat ooi,,

trigt kat kesah akuh tgh basuh baju kat tndas asrama akuh,,
kitorang ngah nyanyi lagu raye ramai2,
jeng jeng jeng,,

ade org kentut,,xde lesen,,mcm pakai speaker kuatnyeh
kitorg tros snyap mnghayati bau yg 'wangi' tuh

turns out that fart as* was our previous ketua block
afzym a/l judo *bkn name sbenar
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (^^akuh da gile)

byk gih cite2 mnarik niyh
tp stakat tuh jelah utk hari ni

utk mngetahui dgn lebeyh lanjutt,,kunjungi laman web *********.com
atau talian 012-*****99

majulah maxis (tibe2 jeh)
creds to faqeh n acap,,
abu salatin ade katt sini skali..!



I keep wishing you get;Enough happiness to keep you sweet,
Enough thoughts to make you feel loved,
Enough trials to keep you strong,
Enough sorrow to keep you human,
Enough hope to keep you happy,
Enough failure to keep you humble,

Enough success to keep you eager,

Enough friends to give you comfort,

Enough wealth to meet your needs,

Enough enthusiasm to look forward,

Enough faith to banish depression,

Enough determination to make each day better than yesterday,
Just so that today you know i love you..!

secretly by the heart of the internet..!

..yeah i know..


"i know who your talking bout,
he's not far away,as long as you dont think that way..:p"

thats my reply..heh

today oh today,,
nothing much laa
juz updated my blog,

oh WAIT,,
i juz rememberd something

you ever heard of; "ill see wat i can do"?

dats my quote of the day




haha,, im back


today wanna talk bout my fren,,numann(bkn name sbenar)


he has loooooooooooooong chin like the inglorious 'firaun',
some say his the only living mummy,, akan mnduduki takhta Mesir satu hari nanti..
his eyes r beautiful
(imagine a mole here:
same call him nuchi o mannbai (sgktn utk numann chibai)
grau je mann,,:p

watever it is we all still LOVE ya,okay??

kami xmemulau because of 'kecacatan'..

a conversation with him;

mann: weh hamzah,pahal akuh xnampak ko??
(refering me as hitam)

me: ade gangguan kat mate ko...!hahah

mann: chilake..!

(lekk mann,aq rase sbb aq mnyampah kat ko skang)

creds to yahoo.com/imagesearch


..coba cobaan..

c o b a c o b a s a j a


aku hanya mencoba.






im here with my fren,,
we were like;

ikure : weh, mung ngah wak mende??

me : bace blog 'kwn' akuh.. hahaha

ikure : owh, mung ade blog keh??

me : takde,, ko???

ikure : xdok gok, nok try gok ah..

me : jom tlg akuh.. haha

ikure : bereh..!

n thats how we started,, i started..
with a few buttons here n there,,n a few cracks in the head to find URL gempakk,, akhirnya akuh bejaye..!


welcome to blogging bebeh!!..:)
creds to anas:)