..an ignorant fool..

killing yourself doesnt help you,
ignorant fool
it never will
but it helps others

"assholes like dont even deserve to live"
they say
but you know you dont even deserve to die
you're not worthit of living-loving

take a dagger
and dig into your lonely flesh
take a rope
and behold your own execution
make a hole
a place for your own grave
light yourself up
with flames of anger rebellious and misery
betray your life
betray your destiny
betray yourself

enough have people suffered for you
enough have people try to love you
enough have you pushed them further away
enough have your actions hurt everyone
go away
where you belong
back to your emptyness
back to your loneliness

creds to miamiera.blogspot.com


..what the hell did i do wrong..

i dont understand you,,
you kejap okay,,kejap x
kejap manje manje,kejap baran
ape2 ah you ni
PMS ka??
i mean seriously
stop doing that to me
it hurts you know
stupid catt

was talking about Lily
my cat
the best cat anyone could ask for

creds to Lily

..i miss them..

22 Dec 09, 12:12 AM
..me..: :p
22 Dec 09, 12:12 AM
****t: hoit,pe kutuk2 aq ha??
22 Dec 09, 12:11 AM
..me..: mcDELIvery
22 Dec 09, 12:11 AM
aiman: haha
22 Dec 09, 12:10 AM
aiman: name aq dalam blog HAMZAH AZHAN.....banggenyeee
22 Dec 09, 12:10 AM
aiman: thnx
22 Dec 09, 12:10 AM
..me..: nah
22 Dec 09, 12:09 AM
aiman: xde ah..bagi e mel ko..
22 Dec 09, 12:09 AM
..me..: aimann ade kot
22 Dec 09, 12:09 AM
..me..: hmmmmm,,012-*******..haha.carik sendiri
22 Dec 09, 12:08 AM
****t: bagi no phone la
22 Dec 09, 12:08 AM
****t: hoit,buat ape maen kat sini ha??
22 Dec 09, 12:07 AM
..me..: diam ah..bangkai punye emann..haha
22 Dec 09, 12:07 AM
aiman: name aq dalam blog HAMZAH AZHAN.....banggenyeeee
22 Dec 09, 12:07 AM
aiman: sebot name aq,haha
22 Dec 09, 12:06 AM
****t: aiman gitaw salam,pastu die gitaw aq,haha
22 Dec 09, 12:06 AM
..me..: camne ko jumpe blog aq??
22 Dec 09, 12:06 AM
..me..: DELIIIIIII...!bapak lame x jumpe ko..haha
22 Dec 09, 12:05 AM
****t: haha

22 Dec 09, 12:05 AM
..me..: oi,,spae ko ah??
22 Dec 09, 12:04 AM
..me..: wtf??
22 Dec 09, 12:04 AM
****t: taik busuk..!
22 Dec 09, 12:03 AM
aiman: agak lame la jugak.hakhak
22 Dec 09, 12:03 AM
..me..: emannnnn...lame x dengar cerita..haha
22 Dec 09, 12:02 AM
aiman: :p
22 Dec 09, 12:02 AM
aiman: aiman x kesah..



hoi hoi
dengar cerite Arsenal menang lwn Liverpool
aq da agak da
budak budak ni cakap kosong je
Arsenal gempak kot
aq tebgok sendiri kat kedai mamak
(tp xde krusi/meje pecah ah)


padan muke Liverpool
hidop Arsenal

skang sape kate Liverpool lagi bagos dari Arsenal??
ngak sendiri la woi

creds to Mamak


..the family to be with..

Me ; Ma,Aba,,

Ma&Aba ; hmmmm...? (curious)

Me ; what if i fail??? (sweating)

Ma&Aba ; (smile)

Me ; im serious,,what if i didnt get what you want for me??
what if i x dapat 10A+??
what if i fail??

Ma&Aba ; we still love you..!

Me ; you're not answering my question..

Ma&Aba ; we are..
no matter who you are,,
how you turn out to be,,
we still love you,,
and you know we'll always be here for you..!

that's what they told me
soooo sweet..

you know how life sometimes gets you down
actually you did that on your own
but you know that behind you
there's your parents
your family
the one you can really trust with all your heart
and they'll love you forever
no matter what kind of parents they are
they'll love you
no matter in which family
they'll love ou
even if you are a huge failure
they'll love you
and they expect nothing back
then just your love
not your 10A+
not your money

i love my family for that
i've learn that
and now it's your turn


..new member of the Arsenal Fan Club..

i know its hard to believe
but yes this is Hamzah

the story's like this,,
many of my friends think that im not a normal guy
not manly enough
just because i x tengok bola (and PORN)

so one day,,
i went to see a live Football match back at Saser with a friend
Arsenal vs (a club that i forgot)
and WOW...!
hell of a game
at the moment i laid eyes on that team,,
it was clear that destiny brought us together

me ; wow, nice footwork.. (buat buat pandai)

Numan ; ye lah,,da kate Fabregas

me ; owh, i thought is was Cesc,, ?

Numan ; i give up,,you go and play masak masak ngan Barbie doll ko la

me ; heh.. :p
so yeah folks,,
even if i dont know much about these clubs,
even if im stupid enough to know
only 3 of the Arsene's players
(Cesc Fabregas,,Ashavin,,Eduardo)
even im silly enough that i cant recognise
which is Fabregas and which is Cesc
(even though they are the same person)
im an Arsenal's Fan
so watch out kedai kedai mamak,,
you're gonna have nightmares
(o at least broken tables and chaires)

creds to Fabregas,,
you rule