..bear with me..

so there's this task, that Im supposed to make you hate me for an occasion
here are a list of things what I did and what Im going to;

1.I made her hate me
2. I made her friends hate me, except for one :).
3. cannot contact her for another 18 days

it was damn hard la
I cant even believe that I can say those words to her,
I mean I love her too much, sooo much,
but for a silly event, Im willing to do anything?
sometimes it might sound wrong,
but now Im half way there,
and I dont want to back down.
let's just hope,
she still loves me, trust me, and wants me
and I pray that day to be da bomb!!

now Im doubting my actions,
is this right Mak?
I love her :).
no doubt about that.
and I hope she appreciates this :).



ooooohhh, Mrs Dictionary...

visit my new blog okay??
and follow...

love you always...

creds to YOU..!



aduh oh aduh,
lame sudah tak ber blog,
ber habuk da blog ni
but never mind

tadi aku tengah online FB kan, pastu ade la nak add sorang dude ni,
tibe2 di interrupt ngan GAPTCHA.....

(hint; GAPTCHA tu words yang kene type balik,
tapi korang jangan la on kan GAPTCHA tu, letih orang nak add o comment)

korang tahu kan betape menyusahkan nye GAPTCHA tu,
tapi GAPTCHA klai ni gempak gile...!
tahu GAPTCHA tu suruh re type ape??

'stupid obama'

bukan main shocking gile...
I dont think so..
but who knows
why dont you judge..

creds to GAPTCHA


..a piece of paper..

sad when you think of it, bukan ape.. tapi aku pon nak naik pentas gak...!
Anas da naik, Hariri, Afar, Muhammad, all my BF naik, aku tak.. hmmph..!
eeeeish..! tension...

tak dapat straight A's pon tak pe la, im happy with my result, i have what i need...:)

for those yang tension, here's a few words to boost you up...

dont let a piece of paper judge you, you judge the piece of paper...

jangan biar orang judge you by your result,
but instead, judge yourself by your result...

kalau tak dapat okay, that means we have to try more, bukan bodoh...
kalau dapat okay, that doesnt mean you da pandai,
you may be lucky this time, tapi kalau tak berusaha, bakal kecundang di kemudian hari..

aku cakap macam da pernah experience kan??

amacam Anas, jiwang lagi tak??

creds to my BF's...


..baju Melayu..


the thought came when i was looking for my FULL SET of BAJU MELAYU
tiba tiba ter fikir,
kenape la Batch 7 tak pernah nak ikot ape yang di suruh oleh sekolah??
asyik nak rebell je...

conversation dengan Miss Farahida Rofii;


kelakar la korang nie


miss pon tahu??


semangat btol

tau la

i mastermind di sebaliknya


menjadi perantara di antara pelajar n sekolah



okay okay....

i pelik la miss

batch 7 kan


kenapa pelik?

sweet ape korang nie

sygnya la ngan korang

teringat2 sampai skarang


tak pernah nak ikot ape yang sekolah mintak

*batch 7



itula pasal


so yeah,
master mind di sebalik kepayahan dan kesusahan mencari baju Melayu,
rebellious against teachers,
is one of the teachers themselves....

creds to Miss


..last night..

the dream,
the note,
the feeling,
the sweetness,
the cold,
it killed me...
i MISS you...!

creds to Facebook....


..im soooo happy..

yess i am,
you know why??
because she's finally out of my life...

i cant believe i had to lie to her so that she would leave,
i had to say i was gay just so that she would stop bothering mua
how stupid is that..

and guess what,
she think she's a damn fool,
because she loved me soooo much,
but i loved someone else,

love love love.....
stupid and meaningless if it's with you,

i cant believe im writing it in one post,
its a waste,
i mean KAU tak layak la,

alas, what i wanted for soooo long is done..

creds to the MOTHER FUCKING BITCH...


..a new post..

i dont care,
i chose not to....!

Fish; jangan EMOSI.....
it sounded stupid coming from someone macam die ni....

so what??
is it wrong for a guy to be a little emotional??
is it a sin for a guy to show that we, too, have feelings??
is it wrong to show that we care??
owh, let me guess,
because apparently, guys dont qualify....

creds to annoying bitch no. 1

..just as i thought..

have you ever felt so sure in your life,
so guaranteed in something you did,
very assured that what has been done is right,
and then suddenly,
that confidence was taken away from you,
by the very same person you call a 'BEST FRIEND'...

what a jerk,
and i chose not to care because i dont,

you're no one to me,
as if right now you're just a stranger,
who broke my heart and killed the trust i gave...

creds to one of the Deltas...


..the promise..

we're like the two poles of the world,
placed at two ends of the worlds,
very far apart,
out cast by others,
but when we're put together,
we're inseparable

love love love...!

creds to Santa Claus.....


i promise you, my love, for today and tomorrow;

i promise you as much happiness as i can give;

i promise not to doubt o mistrust you,
but to grow and to add your life with content;

i promise to never to try to change you,
but to accept the changes you make in yourself;

and i will accept your love for me without fear of tomorrow;

knowing that tomorrow i'll love you more than i do today..............

creds to....................


..MY chicken soup for the soul..

“Please, can I play with the swings now??”

“But I’m not done yet,”

“Aww, please with cream and cherry on top,”

At the moment she said that to me, I immediately fell in love with her. Though, deep in my heart, I know she deserves someone else, someone who’s much better than me. I was 9, and so was she. We lived near, in the city of Khartoum, Sudan. We went to school together, played together, had lunch together, got home together. We even hate the same teachers. The only thing separating us was she was smarter and a lot more popular than I was. But the story started that afternoon, at that particular playground, on the metal chained swings- a perfect puppy love story.

Until one day, her father got posted by his company to another franchise, in another state. Lightning stroke my heart as soon as I knew. I wanted to tell her how I feel, but it never did happen. Every time I started talking about emotions, my heart pounded so fast that it didn’t seem to want to stop. Alas, I never did tell her, even until the day she left. My mom gave me a letter on that day. She said it was from her, and it was. In it she wrote all the things that we did together, and how she appreciates me being the friend that she loved. At the end of the letter, she wrote;

“I love you. So don’t you dare forget me,”

“P/s: Please don’t forget me, please with cream and cherry on top.”

I was very sad and disappointed at the same time, that she left without knowing how I truly feel. Tears came rushing down my cheeks as I finished the letter. I was very disappointed at myself.

That was 10 years ago. Now, I have grown. But memories never did fade. I didn’t forget her. God knows how much I truly miss her. The years passed one at a time, wasted. Time without her seemed lifeless. Though I have grown to become someone all by myself, she was the one who completed me. Puppy love didn’t seem so small or tame. My puppy love was more like a canine love.

One day, I decided to take the small kids, nieces and nephews, to the park. They were all excited, they should be. As soon as we arrived there, the children scrambled off. They all seemed to enjoy every game but the swings. So I sat at the swings and watched them by the side. Memories came pouring into my head once again. I remembered her laugh, how she would laugh on stupid jokes I made. I remembered her smile, how it was naturally arranged in perfect order. I remembered how she would smirk to the teacher if her answer was wrong. I remembered how we sent hours together in the library reading Goosebumps. I remembered everything about her time with me. I remembered like never before.

“Excuse me, can I play with the swings now??”

I was dazzled. My heart pounded so fast that it drained away my energy just to turn to the voice. I didn’t know what to do, what to expect, what to hope for.

“Please with cream and cherry on top,”

As soon as I heard that, it gave life to me. I finally had the courage to turn, and face a beautiful young lady. And there she was, smiling straight at me. I stood up on my week legs, knees shivering, which I can’t believe my eyes. Her smile was recognizable. 10 years didn’t seem to change her or my love towards her. Time seemed to stop for our temporary reunion. Nothing else mattered to me but to say those words to her. And I did.

Years passed after our romantic reunion. But years never did take away our love towards each other. In fact, it grew deeper and stronger. Just last night I proposed to her. I was on my knee holding her hands tight.

“Will you marry me?”

“Will you marry me, please?”

“Marry me, please with cream and cherry on top.”