..the family to be with..

Me ; Ma,Aba,,

Ma&Aba ; hmmmm...? (curious)

Me ; what if i fail??? (sweating)

Ma&Aba ; (smile)

Me ; im serious,,what if i didnt get what you want for me??
what if i x dapat 10A+??
what if i fail??

Ma&Aba ; we still love you..!

Me ; you're not answering my question..

Ma&Aba ; we are..
no matter who you are,,
how you turn out to be,,
we still love you,,
and you know we'll always be here for you..!

that's what they told me
soooo sweet..

you know how life sometimes gets you down
actually you did that on your own
but you know that behind you
there's your parents
your family
the one you can really trust with all your heart
and they'll love you forever
no matter what kind of parents they are
they'll love you
no matter in which family
they'll love ou
even if you are a huge failure
they'll love you
and they expect nothing back
then just your love
not your 10A+
not your money

i love my family for that
i've learn that
and now it's your turn

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