..Poland took my SISTER away..


:( damn you Poland,,

my sister,Asma Binti Azhan,,in case you wanna know,,
is going to Poland this afternoon,,
she is going to persue her studies in Medics to become a doctor,,
she's smartt,,i mean reeeeeeeeaally smartt,,

im happy for her,, butt at the same time ada sedikit kesayuan,,
im gonna miss her,,
she has been helping since i was born,,
the only one yg btol2 rapat dengan i,,
&actually understands me;;

i remebered when i was bullied by our maid time kecik2 dulu kat Sarawak
(we call her THE EVIL ROMIDAH)
my parents didnt know,,but my sister did,,
n she's always there to cheer me up,,
n sometimes,,die pown kene while trying to defend me,,

n now she has been listening to my probs everytime i need her,,
i know she was n is always gonna be there,,
so,im not even afraid to tell her my secrets,,
(even if sometimes she go on telling mum n dad)
we are the best twin ever,,
i need her n she also needs me:p
she understands me n also do understand her

i cant stop you from going can i??

i guess the best i could do is;
wish you well
ingat semayang :p
remember to look out for yourself
pentingkan diri sendiri(what am i saying?)
& always,,always remember
that i love you
n im always gonna be there like you were to me before
no worries
i can look out for myself too
n finally
thank you...!

have a safe trip,, study well,,
n dont worry,,im right behind you..!
GO..! make me proud,,
owh wait,,you already did..!

toodles sis..!
i am gonna miss you..

creds to asma binti azhan

1 comment:

  1. i soooo love u too!!!!!!!!!!
    ure the best brother ever...
    long akan pentingkan diri sendiri selalu, dun wori~~~
    i do remember u helping me out w my problems, even though not all the time, but the ones that really mattered..
    miss u lang!!!!!!!